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Hello everyone.
   Recent News:
Aaron Carter has been seen to be going out with Hilary Duff.AGAIN!!
 (Personal note: I should be his girl lol)



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Okay,uh...Just like accd1212.tripod.com, I'm not Aaron Carter and do not know him, so I'll have no way to give him anything you send me...

On this home page, cool stuff.
Thanks for taking a look at my site! Hope you liked it!!!!

Aaron is currently recording a CD.More info is listed below.
Aaron is living in Marathon, Florida Keys right now.
The current CD is called "Notes"
Aaron Charles Carter turned 20 years old on Dec.7th, 2007 at 8:02am
Aaron's MySpace page is http://www.myspace.com/aaroncarter

Aaron was pulled over for speeding and the officer found two ounces of pot /marijuana in the car.


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Top Songs Bye Aaron carter:

1.I Want Candy
2.Saturday Night
3.Enough Of Me
4.Not Another Earthquake
5.America AO


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